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Jazz. "McCombs, Lila" How to Select a Good Garden Iris Listen to Other Peoples' Advice July Iris Evaluation "Johnson, David F" New System Needed Judging Iris July Proliferation's Observed

"Briggs, John L" Hybridizing Another Way to Propagate July Let's Find and Easier Way "Beach., George. Foliosa Lady Collet Photograph April "The Family Trees, Whites" Sydney. Hazel Recknor, Arthur. Bledsoe Shows October B Drew Negus-editor's grandson Photograph October B Godfrey Seaberg (86) Photograph October Iris Comments for 1966 Ralph and Helen Lewis Garden Review Varietal Comments October The AIS 1966 Convention Gardens Garden Review October "Iris-From the Ground Up or "Dig That Iris Bed. 9 Iris Behavior - Drought 1930. Currier McEwen Bee Warburton International Awarded Foster Memorial Plaque-BIS Biography January Hurrah! Paul Black Hybridizing April Tax Dollars and Swamp Flowers Noland. (Harriet) Bedford October Fiolet Hills Cooley's Gardens Photograph "DeForest AM 1958, Franklin person Cook 1960" October From the President's Desk. Clarke Regional Reports Varietal Comments March Iris in Idaho. Hamblen Awards Varietal Comments January Region 13 Medianites Hold Meeting Alta. Hall Culture October Winter Hardiness. McKinney Disease/Pests From Horticulture May Tid-Bits 4th Letters to the Editor October Iris Season John. George Waters received AmericanHorticultrual Society's Horticultural Writing Citation October Youth Views Catherine Long Gates Youth October Flightlines Sam Reece Robins October International News Bee Warburton International October "International Competition for Irises - Florence, Italy" International October International Competition for Low Irises - Vienna International October. Gersdorff varietal comments July Iris Pilgrimage 1937 Bruce. Kellogg AIS Business February "Iridomania, Phases of Iris Fancy". Norris Photograph July Median Heaven in 2011 Judy Keisling Median Iris Convention July C Florence French Photograph July C "Limesicle, Q95bCLP, Hannah's Prayer, Moon and Stars" "Hugh Stout, Cynthia Wade" Photograph July C Marie Caillet and Paul Gossett Photograph 2004 Gold Medal July Society for. Long Photograph Convention Chairman July B "John. Floyd Cassady July Tapped for Top Honors Roy Oliphant Garden Reports Varietal Comments July The Season Moves Northward Garden Reports Varietal Comments July On California's North Coast Allen. Russell Hopson Shows 13th Annual Southern California Iris Society Show-Awards January Region 9 and Region 16 Jerry Donahue Regional Reports January Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting "Douglas, Geddes" Minutes Board of Directors Meeting January Secretary's Report '52 "Douglas, Geddes" Financial January Membership Report Membership. Clutton September Garden Notes for 1937 Alexander Maxwell Garden Reports September Impressions of a California Iris Season Harold. Hoage Photograph prominent irisarian with his prize-winning stalk Carol Harker October B "President and Mrs. Conroe Garden Reports January Our Members Write Editor's Letters January In Memoriam: William J McKee "Harrison, Jamison R" Obituary Hybridizer January B William.

Balkans, photograph January Founding of AIS and the First Fifteen Years John Wister History January B" E Shahak, january Photographic Committee Now has Cochairmen AIS Business. S Message" morocco, photograph January B" veiled Intrude" Moon Dus" peterson Culture June Irises in California Carl Purdy Culture June Irises in Massachusetts Grace Sturtevant Culture June Adventures with American Irises Louise Beebe Wilder Culture June Various Notes on Culture Robert Swan Sturtevant. Violacea, spain, bertrand Farr, charter Members, deru. Agnes Whiting, photograph hybridizers January B" apogons. Thomas Nesmit" pogoniris, oncocylus, niswonger, clarke Cosgrove, connie and Rober" Evansias, david Hall, james Boy"" near East. Photograph January Detective killed Work Needed Aril Society International Aril Iris January In memoriam.

President, w Dickenson and, photograph July Beauties in a Box Elsiemae Nicholson Shows English Box July In memoriam. Photograph July B" greig Lapham Convention Garden Reports July Kenneth Smith is Wisley Trails Representative"1977 AIS Convention, phil Williams. Joseph " glenn, or Trinkedor Photograph October In Memoriam. Calrton Calderera, corliss MD, photograph January, international HistoryAmerican Iris in England July PostSeason Meditations Jesse Wills Letters to the Editor Commentary July That was No Lady Elias Nelson registrations introductions Correction to 108. Tall Bearded Symposium October To The AIS Members Who Attended The Memphis Convention Quay Pope Bauman Convention October" Peckham History April Tenth International Horticultural Meeting International July Album of Hanashobu real amateur sex videos girls with pet dogs by Doctor Myoshi Translation by George. Franklin Coo" steadman Caroline Buttrick, gibson Letters to the Editor Fertilizing April Final Listing Highly Commended Iris of 1949 Robert. Earl Roberts Emma Hobbs Obituary October B Earl Roberts Photograph October" Nelson History Mary Swords DeBaillon July The Quest for Tetraploid Louisiana Irises" Bartholomew Robins January Test Garden Program Modified Test Garden Adjusting AM eligibility and Dykes Medal change of eligibility January Membership. Memphi" mertzweiller, d Philip " norman Clouser, mrs. Janice Chesnick, hale Loraine Teeter Obituary July The Iris Clinic Commentary October Fippling Waters Orville. Favorite Guest Irises, randolph Hybridizing Scientific October B Chromosomes of Pluie dapos.

Norris Photograph 2011 AIS Convention October The Glendale Garden Robin Shadlow Garden Reports 2011 AIS Convention October C Glendale Garden Kelly.Edward Owen Affiliates October Golden State in '78 Elsiemae Nicholson Convention October Flightlines Sam Reece Robins October Spuria Update from Missouri Dave Niswonger Spuria Iris October At the Species Level Species Iris October "The Paintings and Drawings of Jan "Flower" Bruegel" Book Review October Thoughts.Scott,." Garden Reports Companion Plants for Iris Gardens of the Great Central Basin July The Golden Prize of Florence Flaminia Specht International July B Officers of the Inland Empire Iris Society 1956 Photograph "Mrs.


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