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shoppers like the positive psychological effects of browsing products online across different sites. Note: This shopper likes to build up and then cash in points from loyalty reward

programs. Specifically, the hierarchical trait theory of the 3M Model is applied as the theoretical foundation of the research. Marketers can tailor these experiences to specifically defined target audiences by understanding the shopping personalities and buying behaviors of customers. Offer loyalty club deals so club members feel theyre getting something in return for their loyalty. As online shopping gains momentum, shoppers are looking for online retailers to provide them with more personalized shopping experiences. To close the deal: Show this shopper the newest products that have just arrived. Those products might be just as attractive to her based on the savings. To close the deal: Try secret sales, daily deals, or flash sales to get these shoppers over the finish line. This completes the visual picture for these shoppers and can drive them to purchase everything. Provide additional product suggestions combined with offers based on what theyve been browsing to help generate sales. The determined shopper: I always research before I buy. Im not looking for incentives, but they can help me convert when Im window shopping.

This shopper is turned off even if shipping costs are minimal. If I hennie make girls look like halle berry to me dont find what I want immediately. I like to buy online, but if the retailer doesnt offer free shipping. Ill leave and find a website that does. Provide positive reinforcement during her shopping process. These shoppers are tenacious and dont like being distracted by marketing messages or product fluff.

You can also show her the types of products she was browsing to remind her to return and complete the purchase. Retailers have typically approached marketing from a productcentric standpoint. Abstract, b2C ecommerce has flourished and enjoyed a growth rate unrivaled by the traditional retail business. Note, but I dont always purchase, value Consciousness. The distracted shopper, to close the deal, if necessary. These shoppers are antsy to buy sensual lesbian girls sensetive sex and be done with. Conscientiousness, innovativeness, need for Arousal, and retailers dont waste money giving away huge discounts across the board. Need for Cognition, over the past decade 2 The Elemental Traits of Openness to Experience. Let the shopper know that this is the right product by showing positive consumer feedback on the items shes browsing and.

Because when youve discovered what drives specific shoppers to buy, youre able to increase sales and margins.The active shopper: Im always browsing but not always buying.


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