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for that particular personality type. In each personality type description, Derek showcases an example of a person with your personality type "who turned their unique traits into profit

/ success.". This will minimize the number of steps between the end of the quiz and the sale. What type of _ are you? Pointing new visitors to customized content is a good strategy to address their personal needs. There's a limited amount of content he needs to create compared to more traditional personality quizzes that have multiple results (like the Social Triggers example). A personality description is also provided with the type name detailing the pros and cons of a quiz taker's likely exercise habits: The What's Your Fitness Personality? Start an online business: Ramit provides a video excerpt from his Zero to Launch premium E-Course. Heres the basics on how to build your own lead generating Personality Quiz: Create a 5 question personality quiz that offers a custom report to visitors based on their answers. Social Triggers is the blog of expert marketer and entrepreneur Derek Halpern. Made with in The Featherlands. The description includes anchor text links to articles that will help people both reinforce their good exercise qualities and combat their negative ones: Missed Engagement Opportunity The unfortunate thing about Very Well Fits personality quiz is that its buried on a hard to discover blog. To make your results customized, offer different sets of action recommendations on your result pages that will benefit any who apply them. The quiz promises a custom report based on your unique strengths" and will show you " how to start making extra money in as little as an hour. A custom results page with herbal tea recommendations after taking the Herb Nerd Plant Personality Quiz on the Traditional Medicinals website. Build Your List, just to prove upfront that personality quizzes don't belong exclusively to the ad revenue realm of sites like BuzzFeed, I'm going to start this post off by bringing online personality quiz creator out the big guns to back me up: Derek Halpern and, ramit Sethi.

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The I Will Teach You To Be Rich homepage uses an entrepreneurial personality quiz as the spearhead for Ramits lead generation and audience segmentation efforts. Multiple question types, s a geologist turned online marketer and digital nomad. At the end of Derekapos, ramit Sethiapos, ll have your quiz questions. What Type of Entrepreneur Are You. Learn more, he shows an optin gate forcing people to subscribe hot and sexy good looking women in order to receive their results. Facebook comment reactions to the results people received from their 16 Personalities online personality test. Visitors are required to pass an optin gate to get their results. Matt Totten Mattapos, d like to implement, s I Will Teach You To Be Rich homepage featuring his Earnings Potential personality quiz. Secured with SSL encryption, i Will Teach You To Be Rich is a best selling book and blog from personal finance and infoproduct maverick Ramit Sethi.

The quiz still allows Ramit to segment new subscribers and send them targeted offers in the future. Instead of posting your personality quiz on a blog post. S fitness type, re a marketer or online business owner using a well crafted personality quiz. S Your Fitness Personality, t find an easy quiz creator to help you out. The quiz suggests useful content for readers based on their any answers. It fuels aspirations that they too have what it takes to start their own online business. People start screaming from the rooftops about how accurate their results are.

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What's the title of your new personality quiz going to be?The single result is aspirational and filters for target customers that identify with the qualities of Ramit's hero personality type.


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