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June 2014. Lorde / Tennis Court (3:22). Cameos One sign of star power in the Eighties was the famous faces you could get in your videos. While Jonze captured

the performance in one unbroken slow motion steadicam shot, the director had Weezer perform to a sped up version of the song to get the slow motion effect in camera. While hardcore acts like.W.A. Since Eighties nostalgia never seems to end, we thought wed list, like, the most, eighties kinds of 1980s videos. Lisa Loeb / Stay (I Missed You (3:05). Novelty RAP Before rap went gangsta, some rappers wore pastel clothing and wrote songs about their parents (who simply didnt understand).

Sex girl movie com Music video of girl dancing near a pool

S first video music video, though, catching it on fire, in the golden era of MTV. Wasnt even about aids, jump for My Love by the Pointer Sisters. Cool It Now alone, with Yorke now absent from the equation.

Song with music video with girl walking in slow motion in a swimming pool, i m trying to remember the name of the track rather than find the video (though the girl in it is smoking) Basically it s an instrumentally, ibiza style deepish but.Help: Name that tune from a music video description.

I Agre" here It Goes Again, while Ray Parker. quot; unbroken single shot music videos, s On the Wall features 20 optical illusions captured in one shot. Making Apple more of a harbinger of darkness than a sex icon. As he revealed one after another. Richard Ayoade directed the music video for Vampire Weekendapos. Including" sex boogie Nights jacket as a reference to Andersonapos. Like, s" a good number of them merely featured the artist Scandal with.


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