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the two women suffers a serious injury the suffocating competition between them comes to a head and their relationship disintegrates. The point, however, is not to berate Geng

for an "unliberated" enjoyment of female bodies. Despite these shortcomings, Personal Best continues to be relevant and compelling today, more than twenty years later, and it does so without standing on a platform of were here, were queer, get used. I would love to see this film restored to its full magnificence. In my opinion (for what it's worth) I found this movie to be simply.Excellent. Thats why I thinkto paraphrase Kia from. When it all boils down to it, what drove Chris and Tory to achieve their personal best was not endless training and their physical attributes, but their love and friendship for each other which was something that would probably last forever. Zealots in the gay community have an abundance of other targets for their anger. Perlgrrl flawed as Personal Best may be, and as much as Mariel Hemingway's body may have been exploited in the interest of box office sales. Towne is almost clinical in his approach, which is kind of amazing given the probable studio pressures to be more racy about. So if a politician says a sporting team should boycott another country because of civil rights etc-then remind them of this Olympics, which in turn stuffed up the next Olympics as well as a couple of Commonwealth Games especially for African countries. Yet this mothering also renders the relationship safe in the eyes of the films ultimately patriarchal system of values. The only real hooking way a film could be generally accepted by the public, at that time, would be by containing some sexual content to please the male viewer. The viewer doesn't dislike these characters and wants to root for them, but somehow we never quite connect. Jane Fredrick and Kate Schmidt were top women and Al Feuerbach was a champion shot-putter. 1, 11-12 copyright, jump Cut: A Review of Contemporary Media, 1982, 2005, robert Towne's personal best is a film about two women pentathletes who meet at the 1976 Olympic trials, become friends and lovers, then separate and meet again at the 1980 Olympic trials. The lesbian love scenes are welcome, but other scenes including a pleasure cruise through the womens locker room and shower seem a tad gratuitous, obviously meant to titillate the male audience. Geffen eventually took the film from one optical company and delivered it to a rival firm which placed his and other credits at the beginning of Personal Best. We see how sex gets people better opportunities, drives wedges between competitors, and induces self sacrifice-albeit in this case all for naught. In Dec 1980, Geffen allegedly threatened to drop Personal Best unless Towne improved Geffens deal. The shift in tone is quite remarkable. Mariel Hemingway's character Chris is blessed with natural talent but initially lacks the drive and motivation that has taken her soon-to-be lover Tori to a higher level in women's track and field. Personal Best seems to still demand respect and attention. Under Tory's guidance, Chris at first gains confidence and skill. 27, July 1982,. It could very well be that what we need at this point in time is to restore the integrity of the whole body in real time and space.

Movie personal best sex scenes

Standouts amongst the cast of athletes were movie personal best sex scenes supporting actors. Runners of both sexes like the celebration of running itself. S relationship indicates the extent of the evasion.

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The many nude scenes and crotchshots can be enjoyed much the way the lesbian turnons of traditional heterosexual pornography are enjoyed as so much titillation before the penis makes its grand entrance. Towne is also pretty good at the motivational games between coach and athlete in the initially manipulative but ultimately more homecoming looks for girls real relationship between Glenn and Hemingway. The development of their relationship with its ups and downs with its growing competitiveness as Chris develops into not just a lover but an athletic rival is interesting. See entry and the rights to Greystoke 1984. Writing for the, the right to first negotiation on a feature film project entitled Tequila Sunrise 1988. Veronika Geng, played by the novice actress and former hurdler Patrice Donnelly.


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