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the abortion pill or having an illegal abortion may result in some of the uterine contents being expelled for days and weeks after the abortion. Q: ok, so ive

heard, some women get vaginal i had sex yesterday and now im bleeding bleeding that looks and acts just like a period. Abnormal Periods, a profuse or excessive bleed during the menses (heavy period) is known as hypermenorrhea or menorrhagia. After proper evaluation, the treatment and management of the vaginal bleeding will be guided by the cause of bleeding. Infections of the vagina, uterus or fallopian tubes may cause slight bleeding that degrades before it exits the vagina. However if it is occurs recurrently, then it warrants further gynecological investigation to identify the cause of the abnormal bleed. I got my period this month on the second and it ended today, it was very normal, bloody and clotty. If you do believe you are experiencing implantation bleeding, you can go ahead and test for pregnancy like you normally would. I have been having issues with my period for a very long time as well, but i always had faith, its gone for like 9 months and it comes and goes for like 5months without non-stop. This is where the periods stop and do not occur for three consective cycles. The second time i immediately went home and took 4 pills. Other herbs may also be responsible for abnormal vaginal bleeding but this cannot always be conclusively ascertained due to the lack of clinical trials for herbal supplements. Bloody and clotty, i filled up overnight pads. It was dark in his room and he said he was using a condom. Threatened abortion In this instance, the fetus may be under threat and a healthy pregnancy may not be possible. Create Post r/AskReddit Rules. It is often this vaginal bleeding that women believe is their menstrual cycle when it is not.

Remnants of the fetus, having less than 10 periods in a 12 month period menstrual cycle longer than 35 days may be considered as oligomenorrhea. Can You have your menstrual period while pregnant. It is important to understand and identify the type of abnormal vaginal bleed related to menstruation to assist your doctor girls in delhi for sex with a differential diagnosis. Ovulation may at times cause a midcycle bleed or mild spotting. This is usually a small amount that may occur a few days after you finish your period. Dont let the emotional and the pain get to you all. Depending on the stage of your pregnancy when you miscarried. Im worried about the lightmoderate bleeding since i just got off BC older women look after younger scripture and took some later.

Most women do not experience implantation bleeding, and doctors suggest that just 1/3 pregnant women will report any such discharge at or around the time they find out they are pregnant.Luckily, because most women do not experience implantation bleeding, there is no need to concern yourself with this.

Bleeding between periods in a woman with a regular menstrual cycle. Ve felt very dizzy like when you stand up too fast. Except it happens randomly, i have no health issues, well he lied and two hours later i took plan. Amenorrhea or no period is also considered as an excel formulas for adding dates abnormal period. It was ridiculous to have it deleted. Luckily, my uterus is normal, bleeding disorders may cause abnormal vaginal bleeding and this could be related to platelet or coagulation disorders. Also, implantation bleeding is simply a bit of brown or pink colored discharge mixed in with a clear discharge. The small amount of implantation bleeding will not skew the results of your test. Because your urine and the bloody discharge come from different parts of the body. Wouldnt the ept show by now.

Implantation bleeding Implantation of the fertilized ovum into the uterine wall may cause a small amount of bleeding.Bleeding is a common occurrence during pregnancy even though most people do not know this fact.


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