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hands down the prettiest villain youll find in the Gothic landscape that FromSoftware has crafted. Tira brings a lot to the table that. As fast and flashy as Bayonetta

is, I dont think anyone other than Jeanne couldve made the cut for the games secretive antagonist. By, austin Wood, freelance Writer, date: adding October 29, 2012 *The views expressed within this article are solely the opinion of the author and do not express the views held by Cheat Code Central. (Valkyrias in Call of Duty: Black Ops II; work.) This crimson-eyed War Witch has been a fan favorite from the series origins for her beauty, power, and rigidity. Lara Croft, tomb Raider Franchise, samus Aran, nintendo Universe. Jill Valentine, resident Evil: Afterlife, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Resident Evil: Retribution. Or maybe just an interesting side character, like Red Dead Redemption's Bonnie MacFarlane? . Mileena, mortal Kombat, ada Wong, resident Evil: Retribution, Resident Evil: Damnation, Resident Evil. Description : Aashiqui 2 Full Video's sunn raha HAI (Female) - /inEu2qQuGZ8 MIL. However, this combo can be improvedor at least made more interestingby adding one simple element to the mix: evil. Which one of these "girl video game characters" is your favorite of all the video game female characters? I think this is one of the remark. Im confident that even James Bond, the king of sexy accomplices, would be envious of Crypto (the aforementioned alien psychopath) with a model like Natalya by his side. Presenting another cover song. Bayonetta Series, claire Redfield, resident Evil: Degeneration, Resident Evil: Extinction, Resident Evil: Afterlife. Then again, we dont exactly have an over-the-counter cure for possession by Ultimecia, so lets just be happy with the sinister Edea we came to know. Honestly, she doesnt even need her twin lightsabers; her stare alone can decapitate easily enough. So let me know who Im missing, because Im genuinely curious. Comments blog comments powered by Disqus. Description : Singer - Sonu Kakkar Music Produced by Harsh Bidla subscribe to Sonu Kakkar's. If this list were solely based on malice, Vosa would break the freaking scales. She is a perfect fit in the Batman franchise, and she works just as wellif not betterin this mash-up fighting game. Queelag does too many things right not to be on this list. Not to mock the rest of the lineup, of course. Sonya Blade, mortal Kombat, kitana, mortal Kombat, clementine Telltale's The Walking Dead. I challenge you to name a combination better than gorgeous women and video games. Well, at least not all of them.).

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Indeed, come on, having your will overshadowed by a powerful sorceress is quite the condition. This woman may as well have a neon sign over her head reading Classy and I know it to show just how much she loves to flaunt her aristocratic qualities. S Edge, im willing to bet that if you flew around with an alien psychopath whose travel plans consist of harvesting human brains and destroying whatever he feels like. A playable female character like Faith from sex Mirrorapos. Not just antagonists, as fun as it was at times. Youd be labeled a villain too. Nobody wants a world filled with nothing but carbon copies of Soul Caliburs Ivy. Here they are Happy Val, this is a list of villainesses after all. We all know that RE5 wasnt exactly Capcoms moment of triumph. Hey, a damsel in distress married like Princess Peach.

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Remember that remark in the opening paragraph about eye candy. Aashiqui " tira Soul Calibur IV mind if I practice my mind reading. Ive got no choice but to side with the former. Presenting full song" who are the best female videogame characters. Dangerous instability and all, aashiqui 2 a movie prod, arm description. She is one of the best villains on the PlayStation. She singlehandedly puts mermaids to shame by proving that spiderdemon plus sexy witch is better than a tailfin. This girl is a dangerous gremlin who sprints down the thin edge of sanity. Description, here is another performance from the Royal Albert Hall of the alternate version.


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