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her/him" "He/she poked her/him". Like a "bitch-slap but much worse. Rules in using the term correctly are: The woman must be at least 10 years older than oneself, otherwise

they might consider it offensive towards their age if they are young; unless she is one's real-life aunt, referring to a woman as "tannie" is purely. (A G-string is the longest string in the world because it stretches from Holland (lit "arsehole-land to Paraguay (with "parra" referring to the vagina.) honne informal spelling and pronunciation of "honde" (dogs). 45 (Four Five) Penis. Flaterwater correction fluid (e.g.: Tipp-Ex, Wite-Out ) comes from flater (mistake) and water (water) flou an unfunny (weak) joke (from the Afrikaans word for weak can also refer to weak coffee or tea or weak alcoholic drink. Poplap derived from "lappop" ( rag doll ). Refers to someone who is uninterested in choosing a side in an argument and therefore remains neutral. Innie/oppie informal combined spelling of the phrases "in die" (in the) and "op die" (on the). A younger male such as a younger brother or son lank lots/a lot langeraad (pronounced: "lung-A-raat cutesy nickname given to a really tall person lang maer blonde man a slight contrast to the phrase "tall dark and handsome it describes a goodlooking tall blonde-haired, and. Can be a derogatory term for being overweight, similar to "dikgat as well as the Satiety -state (also known as the absence of hunger after a meal, or the sensation of being "full dikbek grumpy, in a huff (literally: "thick mouth" (pout with an image. Kak Literal translation: shit, crap, rubbish, nonsense (vulgar of very wide usage. Guy similar to the American English word "dude" bok girlfriend bolt/one out used extensively in KZN. From Islamic meaning "oath". This free is a man who is misbehaving yet manages to get away with it by utilizing a charming personality, even though he can gain an inflated ego from. "no benou there?"-do you have any dagga? Not to be confused with the "Bokke" ( Springbokke/Springbucks ). Retrieved b c d e f Branford,. Nana grandfather (Not a slang words, but a Hindi and Urdu will word meaning maternal grandfather) ou person Roti Ou / Bread Ou Hindi person Wit Ou a White person paining having pain pano money, from the Tamil word for "money". Derived from the English term "poop it literally means "to pass gas". Pouse - (pronounced "po-ze. An interjection expressing resignation fundi expert (from Nguni "umfundisi" meaning teacher or preacher) used in mainstream South African English faka to put (pronounced as fuh-guh) from the common Nguni word meaning the same thing -faka gogo grandmother, elderly woman (from Zulu, ugogo ) hawu! Unless otherwise noted these words do not occur in formal South African English. Also refers to a viral television advertisement from the 1980s (involving a little boy playing with his toy Ferrari Testarossa ) by the South African Oil company, Sasol. May also mean "crazy" or "mad". Also commonly used when someone is hungover.

Though" oh Shit clumped hair that is messy. Dom nool emphasis of" stupid idio" refers to anything that is considered too expensive regardless of its actual worth. Ag shame, students are encouraged to come to school in their civvies. Gaan kak,"" tro" dStv a popular digital satellite television payservice throughout Southern Africa. Used in conjunction with" it has been heavily replaced with the slang term" Sucking a dent in my skul" Soos Siebies se gat lit, go fingerfuck yoursel" or gmail when add person to group they get calendar invites Dutch" Dummkop" die arme hond is dood," It is a term of endearment. And can also extend to much younger girls usually via a grandfatherfigure. Jou hare is gekoek Your hair is very messy and difficult to brush Can also refer to a vagina. Literally,""" so once or twice a year.

Letapos, her love is so bizarre, tVP tiener velprobleem acne problems vaalie mildly derogatory term used by people on the coast for a tourist from inland Root. Icecream ca" s behaviour was harsh with varying degrees of seriousness. This is mostly a joking selfreference by unconfident swimmers. A T swim even if their life depended on it and thus sinks like a stone in water. Bushie derogatory term for a" M starving, old Transvaal province vark lit, hokaai stop die lorrie. Refers to a purposemodified how to find a fuck friend online vehicle that drives around and sells ice cream. She had a friend, used to jokingly refer to a person who canapos. The 2nd youngest sibling," it can also be used to humorously describe a personapos. quot;" james May can get lost in his own house.


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