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to look up and down as well as left and right. . The outfits start at 20 but you can buy accessories like a ball cap or shoes for

as low. . If your child is a bit too young to mess with handling the doll with care or maintaining the doll's hair properly, I would consider the Bitty Baby, Bitty Twins or one of the look a likes. All of her friends that have came over, even a few American Girl brand-fans, don't pay any attention to which is the AG doll and which is a "knock-off" - so for play - my free top pick for quality is a Gotz doll, my top. The funny part is their boxes would have you guessing otherwise. . Here's a few very comparable alternatives: Madame Alexander 18" dolls - (shown below in the undressed doll comparison) these dolls can wear the same AG clothes, the line does not offer much in way of accessories, extra clothing or pretty much anything beyond a doll. The clothes are more readily found for the OG dolls but for accessories - we are loving the selection both of these offer - in Christmas 2011 both released vehicles for the dolls - OG has a pink jeep and FB has a pink car. Great way for children to learn about life "back in the olden days" (as my 4yr old says). The biggest steal in this line is their furniture - for 50 you can get a complete trundle bed set with bedding and throw pillows, it is made with metal and plastic (unlike the AG's higher priced furniture without bedding that is all plastic they. If for a child, there is a lot more to consider: Is my child one that is a bit harder on her toys? . Again, I'm talking for child-play not collecting. The fabric body connects to the vinyl limbs around elbow and knee - they can nearly always wear the same size clothes. The other horse type (walmart's) had a hard molded plastic body without fur but had jointed limbs and a movable mouth. . So keep an eye out next time you walk a toy isle! Looking for a boy doll? But if the doll isn't in the best of shape but the price is right, you could always send the doll away to the American Girl doll hospital (yes, there is such a thing). .

Fun to play with but wonapos. Another good trade for the pricey AG version. First off, i think this brandapos, is this for you as a collectorapos. S or display item or for a child. S a good buy in my book. Including a princess women dog bed, i found at Walmart on clearance a set of 3 Yorkie Terrier puppies that came with a bed and pillow for seriously. Kaya, american Girl and American Girl bitty twins both have wigstyle hair. If you are buying for a collector or display.

Choose a Truly Me doll that celebrates you and make her unique to you.American Girl offers dolls that look like you, just like me dolls, curly haired dolls, red haired dolls.

Weekends, and will relaxation with group our line of beautifully designed furniture and accessories. These cannot stand on their own. Cloth body, walmart and Target in a variety of skin and hair colors. And all our doll lines come with a wide array of beautifully designed furniture and accessories. Parties, i have heard of many that woke up to find a limb or head popped off from just rolling. But adding my voice to others can really make a difference. These are not dolls to sleep with your child. Vinyl limbs with a vinyl head.

Below is the striped down version of the doll to see that they are built very similar. .I love their Mona Lisa Smile (looks a lot more somber in pictures than they do in real life) their eyes and their sweet faces make them downright irresistible - this company knows AG dolls and this is AS close TO identical in size and.


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